ReDem creates terrain tiles for Rail Simulator using BIL format files from the USGS seamless server. BIL files are available in 1 and 1/3rd arc second resolution for most of the United States and 1/9th arc second for some areas. The 1/3 and 1/9th arc second files offer higher resolution than the 1 arc second resolution SRTM files used natively by Rail Simulator.

ReDem uses the marker files (MSTS *.mkr or RS *.csv) as a guide to the needed terrain and can extend the terrain up to 10 km from the markers if the DEM data is available.

ReDem is a product of ZugWare. ReDem is not endorsed or supported by Rail Simulator Developments Ltd. All problems with ReDem or terrain generated by ReDem should be addressed via the ReDem Support forum at ZugWare